Dilusso Stone® Solid Surface is a versatile, modified acrylic decorative surfacing material, which is suitable for multiple commercial and residential applications. Its exceptional translucence, its charming textures and various colours, its resistance to stains and chemical, its effortless fabrication and seamless installation, and its hygienic characteristics make it the ideal material for kitchen tops and sinks, vanity tops and washbasins, shower trays, wall panel, laboratory tables, working tables, office desks and commercial interiors.Whether architects, designers, contractors or private individuals, Dilusso Stone® Solid Surface appeals to everyone wishing to work with a high capacity material and aesthetically pleasing.

Dilusso Stone®  Solid Surface material have both the naturual qualitative sensation and solid texture of marble, the shining and exquisite looking of ceramic, and the good workability of wood. It can be seamless joined, like nature itself. Moreover, all kinds of damages can be repaired to new. Meanwhile, Dilusso Stone® solid surface material is green environment-friendly product, it’s toxic free and radiation free.